Fingers of Blame: Another round of Pithy Platitude Parser

There’s a saying about how one should consider when you’re pointing the finger of blame, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you.  While some of the sayings may make sense in their original context, such as the ones about resentment and grudges and have to be twisted & manipulated to be used against people, this one doesn’t even make any freakin’ sense.  Continue reading “Fingers of Blame: Another round of Pithy Platitude Parser”


The pithy saying I’ll be dealing with today is “resentment is like drinking the poison and hoping the other person dies”.  And yes, I have had this quoted back at me when I’ve tried to set a boundary or express hurt at a past wrong in my Family of Origin.    I say whether that pithy saying is true or not depends on the cause of the resentment and the way we handle it.

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