Feelings Part II

As a follow up to an earlier post about feelings, I thought I’d share an anecdote.  I’ve been working with a different therapist than the one mentioned in that article since shortly after I wrote it.  That whole story and how to go about looking for a new therapist is a post in and of itself, which I plan to write one of these days.  The therapist I’m currently working with is in a building which houses a lot of medically related offices, including a dentist. As I was waiting for the elevator,  I saw a boy with his mom.  I’m not the best at guessing kids’ ages, I’m guessing he’s around 4, give or take a year.  He was holding a balloon from the dentist’s office tied to a new toothbrush.  What struck me was the conversation he and his mom were having.   Continue reading “Feelings Part II”

Neediness & Fear of Rejection

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch  lately.   For the most part, I’m really pleasantly surprised about how supportive my friends have been.  I’ve actually become closer to several people as a result of opening up about what’s going on with me.  And I also try to be there for my friends too, asking about what’s going on in their lives.  Some of my friends are going through rough patches too.  We’ve actually been able to bond over the mutual support. Of course I had another experience (in the offline world) which made me appreciate those friends all the more.  Not that I didn’t appreciate them already.