‘Tis the Season to Set Boundaries

I’m want to write a fuller post on this soon (it’s been crazy at work and while not as bad as last year, some holiday sadness), but wanted to provide a link to last year’s post with it’s resources for anyone who needs it.   It’s got some good links to Kellevision & Narcissists Suck about taking care of yourself emotionally and setting boundaries during this season.   Also added a couple of links to Dr. T’s site explaining why Cluster Bs are so difficult at this time of year. 

I’ll try to at least check in to approve comments every few days, so feel free to start a conversation about the holidays and how they are affecting you this year in light of estrangements or difficulties.  Or if you’ve managed to overcome it, coping strategies.  And if you’re in between the two, like me, feel free to share that too! 🙂   Wishing everyone a joyous and peaceful holiday season!

Last year’s post

Also, a couple of other great resources which have been written since then:

Dr. T, with her usual blend of humor and common sense, explains over at Shrink4Men why Cluster B people are so difficult at holidays, both in a blog post and she dedicated a radio show to it.  But please note, the radio show is at a men’s rights site, which has a certain perspective/point of view.  If you disagree with it, please skip it or at least be respectful of the hosting space.  Thanks.

Blog Post

Link to radio post

One thought on “‘Tis the Season to Set Boundaries

  1. Quitting the family/scapegoat is a nightmarish, lonely and rage filled process. the backlash can be a frightening ordeal as it not only involves siblings but THEIR scapegoat-trained offspring also.

    It is so easy to be pulled back in with sentimental poppy cock. Fell for it too many times and have had to steel myself against all sentimental Christmas nonsense determined to pretty much ignore it this year.

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