Doing Unto Myself as I Do Onto Others

During my therapy appointment this past week, we revisited the estrangement.  We talked about the inconsistency of how the rages my mother directed to me were treated and how I was treated when I expressed rage for bad treatment by my brother & sister-in-law after repeatedly trying to address things more diplomatically.  Continue reading “Doing Unto Myself as I Do Onto Others”

One Law for me, for the Cluster B another

As part of healing, I’ve been looking at certain events from a different perspective.  In some cases, for the first time, I’ve been able to feel anger and sadness at the way I was treated.  A friend &  I were discussing the estrangement and he asked me if what I’d said which led to the estrangement was the truth or hurling insults.  I answered honestly that it was both. Continue reading “One Law for me, for the Cluster B another”