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New Addition to Links

Posted by whenthescapegoatquits on September 5, 2011

I just came across this site.  Haven’t had a chance to review the whole site, but it looks like a lot of helpful information there, so I’ve added it to the links.


2 Responses to “New Addition to Links”

  1. Thanks for sharing that link. The list of things histrionic people believe was hilarious!

  2. As a man thinketh..... said

    Yes – thanks for that link. I found a lot of good information. I was stuck on the narcissistic mother idea. Was she really? I know she’s never really been fond of me. Then I realized, Mom’s not the narcissist – it’s Dad. Man, does he like to toot his own horn and, in the third person, no doubt. “Let me tell you what your FATHER did”…….”You FATHER was honored this evening”…….”No gifts please, just make a donation in OUR NAME”. Not a shred of humility.

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