Giraffes, Sheep & Scapegoats

If you haven’t had a chance to read this Psychology Today blog entry by Karyl McBride, it’s well worth a read.  In addition to addressing the grief which can result from estrangements and/or limited contact and/or no contact, she talks about how this shapes the dynamics in families with Cluster B Parents and about the scapegoat’s role. Continue reading “Giraffes, Sheep & Scapegoats”

Wisdom Born of Pain

I wasn’t sure how to title this.  I don’t want to trivialize what scapegoats go through growing up and until we learn healthy boundaries.  So that ruled out things such as “The Brighter Side of Being Scapegoated”, “Strengths of the Scapegoat”.  One of my happier memories is my mother playing Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits really loud.  So as I was trying to come up with a title, I thought of the song “I Am Woman” and the lyric,  “wisdom born of pain.”  and that seems very fitting.    I’m going to share my own wisdom born of the pain of being scapegoated and encourage you to do the same if you feel comfortable doing so.    And it doesn’t have to be 100% positive.  It can be something which is a double edged sword depending upon the circumstances. Continue reading “Wisdom Born of Pain”