“Progress always involves risk”

This was the fortune I got in a fortune cookie recently.  I thought it was pretty interesting because I think it explains why I feel a bit uneasy with the changes/transitions which are going on in my life right now.  Like a lot of people who grew up with a PDed parents and/or alcoholics, I’m risk averse.  I like order, I like predictability.  I like routines and schedules.  But change involves risk.  We might fail, we might have trouble catching on when we’re learning something new & trying to do away with old habits.  But these are risks worth taking.  It’s clear that some of my old ways of coping no longer work and I need to modify or exchange them for ones which do.  So I’m going to save this little slip of paper.  Hey, once the roads/sidewalks get clear, I may even play the lucky numbers in the lottery! 🙂

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