Families in Denial

The Mayor of Milwaukee was leaving the state fair this weekend when he came across a woman screaming for help/to call 911.  As he did, he was attacked by the man who had been threatening the woman.  He was in an argument with his baby’s grandmother.  For his bravery, the mayor was beaten with the man’s fists and a metal stick.  Thankfully, he is recovering and there were no serious brain injuries.  Continue reading “Families in Denial”

Taconic Tragedy & Scapegoating

A few weeks ago a woman driving a minivan with 5 children (her own 2, plus 3 nieces) in it collided with a SUV with 3 men on the Taconic Parkway.  The minivan was going the wrong way in the left lane.  Both drivers and all but a 5 year old boy in the minivan (the driver’s son) were killed.  He is recovering in the hospital & expected to survive.  A third car was involved in the accident, but the driver and the passenger survived.  Continue reading “Taconic Tragedy & Scapegoating”