Some Miscellaneous Thoughts

Well, some more really obvious insights after my latest therapy session.  I’ve always had a tendency to laugh when recounting some of the sadder/angrier/more traumatic things.  I’ve always attributed this to either gallows humor or laughing so as not to cry.  But when my therapist questioned me about it this week, I gave it some thought and realized just how much the shaming & the scapegoating played into things.  While some of the shaming/scapegoating from my mom was meanspirited, some was meant as “just a joke”.  This was the kind she’d invite my brother to join in with most frequently.  Continue reading “Some Miscellaneous Thoughts”

My Brother’s Keeper Part 2

I thought about this some more and I realized I had a harder time letting go of my brother than I did with letting go of my mother.  I’m thinking over the reasons for this.  Part of it was the way she flat out told me she wasn’t going to change when I asked her to stop doing or saying certain things which were hurting me.  That made it easier. Continue reading “My Brother’s Keeper Part 2”

Independence Day


Last weekend I got to spend some time with my dad’s brother’s side of the family.  I had a nice time and I got a lot of good feedback and answers both intellectually and emotionally.  And it was nice to have a family event where the fireworks pictured were the only fireworks!   This one’s a very long post, in fact, I think it may be longer than the actual Revolutionary War, so go get a cup of coffee, herbal tea, etc & get comfy! 🙂

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