A cartoonish moment

When dealing with scapegoaters and/or people with narcissistic tendencies, I often think of Charlie Brown and the football.  Those of us who have to deal with them hope it’s going to be different.  That Lucy will finally let us kick that football.  But she never does and we’re on the ground, staring at the sky with back pain.  As a kid I would wonder why he kept letting her do that.   As an adult, I had to ask myself the same questions.  This clip illustrates it better than anyone can write about it, so via YouTube:

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The Scapegoat has resigned

Hello, I’m an early 40sish adult daughter of 2 alcoholics.  And it’s very likely my mother, who no longer drinks, is a narcissist or at least has narcissistic tendencies.  My brother is an alcoholic in recovery, as are my sister in law and my stepdad.  I’ve been reading ACOA literature since the mid 80s.  I would always skip over the scapegoat parts because scapegoats divert attention from the dysfunction  by acting as a lightening rod for criticism and punishment by acting out.  They get in trouble with the law, in school and the family focuses in on that instead of dealing with the alcoholism or other dysfunction.

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